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Garden Kneeling Pad

Hello and welcome to the Garden Kneeling Pad website! In this article we will cover some of the basic things on how important is to have a very good set of gardening knee pads, why it's nessecary to have it and which gardening knee pad suits best in one or another situation.


Before we dive in to the Gardening Knee Pads details, let's talk about on how important is to prepare (stretch and condition) our bodies before working in garden.

We always recommend our clients before they do any long work in the garden to spend a few minutes for easy body stretching. This always helps to get your body ready to work efficiently without the usual tightness and stiffness that results from this kind of work. For more detail, see the image bellow.

How important is to have a Gardening Knee Pad?

VERY IMPORTANT! Especially if you work four to six hours a day and it requires constant kneeling and squatting. If you ask your doctor, he will confirm, that long constant kneeling can do interior damage to your knees. Having a quality gardening pad will protect the patella (the triangular bone that is in front of the knee joint) and also will make much more comfortable to work with.

Types of Gardening Knee Pads

As you can see from the picture above, there are various types of garden kneeling pads, including the ones you can wear on your knees and the ones that lays on the ground. These Gardening Knee Pads can be either hard or soft.

Most commonly, they are made from:

  • vinyl coating
  • foam
  • gel
  • rubber
  • neoprene
  • hard plastic

Choosing the right gardening knee pad

1. Choose reputable company (for example: Fiskar, Body Glove, Black & Decker).
2. Choose comfortable set of knee pads (The kind that you don't have to carry around you).
3. Non slip material. (To avoid slipping off a sidewalk, deck and doing damage to your knees).
4. Easy to clear (they should be machine washable).
5. Two strapsed (two straps rather than just a single one to allow you to wear them somewhat looser + avoid the loss of circulation).

So, where I can buy Garden Kneeling Pad
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Rememeber: The better you protect your knees, the better you feel!